Railway materials, railway equipment


ST Projektigrupp is willing to work with the following products and services:

Railway track materials, EU and russian standards
  • Railway turnouts, tramway turnouts and rail boxes.
  • Rail tracks: R50, R65 and others.
  • Other railway materials: crossing frogs, switches, crossovers, diamond crossings, derailing points, fixtures, fittings, bolts, etc.
Railway equipment and Instruments
  • Excavators, cranes, railroad wagons, oil tank-wagons, freight wagons, rail-cutters, etc.
Sleepers according to national specification
  • White wood sleepers: pine, spruce, siberian larch, oak and other wood species.
  • Sleepers impregnated with shale oil or creosote.
  • Concrete sleepers.
Building wood, semi-final wood products
  • Siberian larch saw-timber supplies from Irkutsk, Krasnoyarsk and other siberian regions. Siberian larch is an outstanding softwood due to its qualities that outperform other softwoods and offers a particularly cost efficient alternative to impregnated wood.
  • Semi-final parquet products for the parquet industry from Russia, Ukraine, Estonia.
  • Oak, pine and spruce sawn to specifications to client.

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